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mulitfocal lens implant
Multifocal Lens Implants

Following cataracts surgery, many patients are tired of being bound to the crutch of glasses. That is why so many of our patients choose to have premium Multifocal lens implants. Multifocal Lens implants are the state-of-the-art choice for intraocular lens implants as they offer the best possibility of living a glasses-free life following cataracts surgery. These lenses are unique because they offer vision correction at all distances (distance, mid-point, and near). In fact, studies have shown that 85-90% of patients rarely or never feel the need to dawn their glasses ever again following the surgery! After the surgery there is a brief period of accommodation where the brain has to learn how to process all the new, now clear images at multiple distances. The best way to think about it is imagining different distances as being background music in a crowded room. Your brain will naturally focus on either the people talking or the music. Following the surgery your brain will need an adjustment period to remember how to “tune out” the images that you’re not focusing on. After all, it's not used to being able to see everything!

Medicare and other insurance companies do not fully cover the Multifocal Lens implant as it is a premium product. If you want to no longer be bound to your glasses, you will need to expect some out-of pocket expenses, but if you think Multifocal Lens Implants are right for you, call Greenwood Eye Clinic today!

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